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Our Story
Log WagonLee William Cummings moved to Troy, Pennsylvania in 1929 to found L.W. Cummings & Son Lumber Company. Because there was no electricity in Troy at that time, he built his mill close to a road and stream and used steam engines for power. Logs were skidded with horses and lumber was shipped on rail cars. Roy W. Cummings, Sr. joined his father in 1942 and continued to expand the business. The lumber company prospered through the years thanks to their undying commitment to provide customers with Cummings Lumber Trucksquality service and a quality product. For three generations, that commitment to quality has become a Cummings family tradition.

Cummings Lumber Company
Shipping quality hardwoods since 1929.

P.O. Box 6
21756 Route 14
Troy, PA 16947

Phone: 570-297-4771
Fax: 570-297-2766